First Encounters at Camp

Christine here.

Kella and I rolled in to camp at around 5:15.  Not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t this exactly.  The TechSmith offices are comprised of a series of one-story buildings in an industrial park that feels more like a campus.  We were warmly greeted, ushered into the registration room, and showered with gifts.  I would have been happy with the tote bag, pen, and decorative coasters, but we also got a FREE license to Camtasia and Snagit!  Sa-weet!  My buzz was almost completely squelched, however, when they snapped the most atrocious photo of me for my ID tag.  (Yes, my ego is just that fragile.)  But I was a brave soldier and only made them retake it once.

After setting up camp on the grounds of the offices and having a yummy barbecue dinner outside under the big tent, we all went inside to set the schedule for tomorrow.  This task was left primarily to the attendees.  They had us write down topics we wanted to learn about or sessions we’d be willing to present, and then we plotted them in various rooms on a giant organizer mounted to the wall.  Honestly, there’s hardly a session I DON’T want to attend.  I was so impressed with the ideas everyone generated, and I’m really excited to learn all this new stuff!  There are lots of fellow educators here, so I was really pleased that there are a number of sessions that will deal directly with using screen casting with students.

Our planning wrapped up around 10:15, and then most people went back out the big tent for s’mores, beer, fun, and frolicking.  Not this party-pooper, though.  I took a shower (okay, truth be told it was more like a whore’s bath), and retired to our tent write this blog, check out some materials we got today, and do some reading.  I hope Kella had fun for me!

Psyched for tomorrow!

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