Brain Dump: An Ongoing Series

Updated and edited on Sunday, 8/14/2011, 10:13 AM ET

To try to sum up everything I’ve learned today this weekend in one blog post simply isn’t possible, but I’m going to share my Rorhschach-like impressions of Days 2 and 3 of ScreencastCamp.

So, after attending sessions on Saturday, 8/13, from 9am to 7pm, there’s a lot of talk about “flipping the classroom” so students (K-college) can experience “rewindable” direct instruction (people say “education,” but in most every instance I’ve seen/heard today it’s explaining how to use screencasting to capture a lecture, experiment, software demo, or writing feedback and correction). But we’re also really aware, those of us in attendance, that simply narrating a PowerPoint isn’t going to cut it in terms of improving and innovating screencasts.

As Dan Nunez said in my favorite session, “Screencast Commandments,” that’s the goal, right? To stop reading. What he means is not for us to put down our Kindles, Nooks, and books, but to sound more animated, human, and creative in our screencasts and not, as one sweet Chicagoland attendee has characterized as her monotone screencasting voice, like a flight attendant.

Absolutely! Because at the heart of every good screencast is a story (go, digital storytelling) and/or a resolution to a problem. Whether it be helping your corporate followers to understand a new software application, explaining why you suck at Photoshop (and then helping users learn how to use that distort tool to put the marriage certificate on the “shaggin’ wagon”), or sharing with students how they can contribute to the group blogging platform or LMS system (learning management system).

So, I have lots of other ideas, thoughts, reflections to share, but I do know this: I am creating a humorous You Suck at Plagiarism screencast for the students I work with at the online writing center where I work and for the community college classroom. If you have funny stories of things students have done and would like for me to add them to the screencast, please share in the comments below or direct message me on Twitter: @kella_bakes

Lastly, if you’d like to see my Google Docs notes from this unconference, please feel free to view, edit, share, whatever:

Special thanks to Russell Stannard, @russell1955, for retweeting my notes from ScreencastCamp. I cannot believe that my notes have already been retweeted by someone in Carmarthenshire, Wales. That’s definitely a flipped classroom for ya: learning in a responsive, global community. It gives me chills (in the best of ways).



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